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About podcasts

Interested in Podcasting?

About podcasts

Podcasting is awesome. The original way of passing on knowledge, wisdom and also pretty much the earliest way of entertainment has got to be storytelling. The latest craze of human kind has got to be instant “on demand“. Bring these together and you’ve got a…. podcast!

Storytelling on demand

Storytelling enables you to develop a deeper connection with your audience. It’s the same for the artist sharing their vision as for the marketer hoping (s)he’ll get you to buy the product or service on offer. But also for the teacher to educate, the excited one to share a passion, the thinker to connect… It’s all about communication and uniting people who have never even met in person.
In a hectic world it’s important for all people to find a balance between all of their engagements and involvement. Gone are the days where all lived according to a similar rhythm. Yes, we’re all alike but at the same time we’re all different. We’re at a different place in our lives if you’re still in school or raising a young family or enjoying your third youth. Whether you’re in a happy place or fleeing blue, downtrodden or empowered, busy or lazy…. So we want our stories to be told to us “on demand” when we, in that particular moment in life, need them.
Podcasts are just that… storytelling on demand!

Communicate, educate, share & connect

A picture is worth a thousand words they say. And they’re right. An image is a powerful thing. However my belief is a well told story will stick longer than a thousand fleeting images. Yes, if you want to grab attention a captivating video or beautiful picture is a powerful tool. But if you want to change the way of thinking, change or stimulate behaviour and habits… storytelling is the way to go! If you want you audience to remember for a long time and implement a change you’ll convince them with your story…. your podcast!

Your podcast, an awesome podcast?

Have you got a story to share? Please do contact us for a talk! We would love to help you get started in the wonderful world of storytelling on demand, getting your podcast out there to your audience.